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At last, I get to share my big announcement with you! About a month ago, I had an eye-opening chat about Chronic Pain with a new friend of mine, Dr. Suja Johnkutty. Guys, she’s as sharp as a knife. Which is spot on, because she’s a Neurologist. It quickly became clear that we speak the same language when it comes to the power of our mindset and the effects that our diet has on the levels of pain we experience.

Starting April 24th, Suja is hosting a FREE web series that’s jam packed with over 21 experts who will teach you effective strategies for reducing stress, diet hacks and how to change your mindset when it comes to pain. It’s called The Natural Headache Solution: Thrive Holistically and Reclaim Power in Your LifeI’m so excited to announce my participation and as a bonus, I’ll be kicking off the series as the first expert!

To get to know some of the other game-changing experts, just click on their name below.

Jessica Drummond - Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Christi Cass - Fellow Fibro Warrior, and Integrative Nutrition & AADP Certified Health Coach

Dr. Bruno Cayoun - Clinical Psychologist and principal developer of Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MiCBT)

Julie Moret - Author, Inspirational Motivational Keynote Speaker and Personal Coach

Dr. Brandon Brock - Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Dr. Glen Depke - Traditional Naturopath specializing in: nutritional individuality, inflammatory challenges, autoimmunity, energetic/emotional release, hormones as well as gut/brain challenges

I can never have enough tricks and tools to manage my pain so you can bet I’ll be tuning in after my segment. Join me by registering now >> CLICK HERE << and feel free to share this link with others who suffer with headaches and/or Chronic Pain. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive details of the series in your inbox.

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See you there!

Oh, yeah! If you missed me on the Heal Your Pain Summit, check out that excellent interview >> HERE <<.


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