Hi! I'm Puja.

A chronic pain advocate, writer, speaker, director of sales & fierce warrior devoted to helping you overcome the effects of chronic pain.


My battle with invisible illness started 9 years ago, with a simple fender bender resulting in a fracture in the last vertebrae of my back and two herniated disks in my neck.

After countless doctors, physical and occupational therapists and rehab programs over a two year period, I received news that would change the trajectory of my life. The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sjorgen’s came coupled with the fact that my physical and mental well-being would never be the same.

As someone who gives 100% to all she does, this new discovery presented me with a challenge I would have to spend the rest of my life fighting to overcome. With hard work, the right support and continuous education, that's exactly what I'm doing.


"Living as victims is not our destiny. Suffering is not our destiny."


By working with top doctors through trial and error, as well as my own research, I've dissected and revealed the seemingly endless effects of Fibromyalgia and CP on our bodies and minds. I've dedicated my voice to support over 100 million Americans diagnosed with these illnesses.

My perspective to managing my illnesses has established my place in the CP community as a fearless role model for this, and the next generation of chronic pain patients. As someone who has climbed to the top of her field (and stayed there) with this all-consuming disease, I am proof that living "the good life" is 100% attainable with Fibro.


Puja Rios is a founder, chairwoman, consultant, mentor and director of sales as well as executive board member of Bright Pink and chronic pain advocate. Her mission to re-brand Fibromyalgia and chronic pain has led her to be recognized as Fibro Daily's #1 Fibro Awareness Advocate and WEGO Health's 'best blog' and 'rookie of the year' finalist. You’ll find her feature blog, 'Me vs. Fibromyalgia' on the Huffington Post, including work on TheMighty.com and NewLifeOutlook.com.